Künstler 2021

Persönliches Statement







Aloha!I'm Sandria and I am excited to share my first and biggest love with you - Dance!💃
Everybody is unique and we should cherish individuality, diversity and every type of personality. Respect and an open mind are the key factors of my work. Every BODY can dance 🌱 No matter the age, the experience or body type.
With my background in sports science and 19 years of dance experience I want to offer you safe and fun workshops to grow and flourish in your own special way.
Besides dancing, I love the ocean, sunshine, breakfast and rock climbing.

Hi, I'm Pau. I like to feel, to think, to play and to discover new perspectives. I would love to expand our consciousness together in this adventure we have the opportunity to experience. 💚🦋🙏

Hallo! Ich bin Stefania! Mama aus Belgien, Papa aus USA, in Italien geboren und in Österreich gelandet, tanze ich zwischen Kulturen, Ländern und anderen Unterschiede um das zu erleben was uns alle verbindet- Bewegung als gemeinsame Muttersprache und Zugang zum Flow des Lebens! 🌿
Ich freue mich total euch beim Festival durch die Landkarte der 5 Rhythmen® zu (ver)führen, meine liebste Bewegungsmeditation 💛
Mehr darüber findet ihr auf meiner Homepage: http://www.wonderline.at
About eight years ago I discovered my love for yoga and its positive effects on body and mind. At that time I was professionally active in the media sector and also worked as a visual artist under the name Enscha. My visuals showed my passion for dance, rhythm and nature. Due to the amount of computer work, the urge for movement and body work became stronger and so I completed a training as a Hatha yoga & meditation teacher in Thailand. I quit my job and started teaching in Sri Lanka. I also work as a masseuse and yoga therapist 🌸
My main goal is to create a trusting relationship so that people of all ages can develop their potential and get to know yoga as a valuable part of life. I'm really looking forward to being part of the festival and as Elvis said: Yoga is as Yoga does

For Samuel, art is a great possibility to express inner processes in a nonverbal way. He likes to focus on different qualities such as empathy, sincerity and authenticity - is curious about details and sensitivity - appreciates silence and its vibration. He likes to gather around people as much as spending time alone. Hiking, nature, culinary and meditation - are a few of his passions 🌿


 He is passionate about supporting individuals and their self-determination, by encouraging and strengthening their self-confidence ☀️